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       masqmail.aliases - masqmail alias file format


       This  man  page  describes  the  format of the masqmail alias file. Its
       usual location is /etc/aliases.


       The alias file consists of lines of the form: local_part: item1, item2,
       ...   Items can be surrounded by quotes ’"’. If within the quotes other
       quotes are needed for an address they can be  escaped  with  a  leading
       backslash ’´.

       A leading ’´ indicates that this address shall not be further expanded.

       A leading pipe symbol ’|’ indicates that the item shall be treated as a
       pipe  command.  The  content  of  the  message will then be sent to the
       standard input of a command. The command will run under the user id and
       group  id masqmail is running as. If quotes are needed, the pipe symbol
       must appear within the quotes.

       Loops will be detected, the offending address will be ignored.

       Aliases will be expanded at delivery time. This means that if there  is
       a message still in the queue and you change any alias which matches one
       of the recipient addresses, the change will have  effect  next  time  a
       delivery is attemped.

       There  is no need to restart masqmail or run any command when the alias
       file has been changed.


       masqmail was written by Oliver Kurth <>

       You    will    find    the    newest    version    of    masqmail    at    or   search   for   it   in   freshmeat
       ( There is also a mailing list, you will find
       information about it at masqmails main site.


       You should report them to the mailing list.


       masqmail.conf (5), masqmail (8),


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