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       mono-config - Mono runtime file format configuration


       The  Mono  runtime  will  load configuration data from the installation
       prefix /etc/mono/config file,  the  ~/.mono/config  or  from  the  file
       pointed by the MONO_CONFIG environment variable.

       For   each   assembly   loaded   a   config   file   with   the   name:
       /path/to/the/assembly.exe.config is loaded, too.

       This file controls the behavior of the runtime.

       The file contains an XML-like file with various sections, all  of  them
       contained  inside  a  section  (It  actually  uses GMarkup to parse the

<dllmap> directive

       You use the dllmap directive to  map  shared  libraries  referenced  by
       P/Invoke in your assemblies to a different shared library.

       This  is typically used to map Windows libraries to Unix library names.
       The dllmap element takes two attributes:

       dll    This should be the same string used in the DllImport attribute

       target This should be the name of the library where the function can be
              found:  this  name  should be suitable for use with the platform
              native shared library loading routines (dlopen etc.), so you may
              want to check the manpages for that, too.

<dllentry> directive

       This  directive  can  be  used to map a specific dll/function pair to a
       different library and also a different function name. It should  appear
       inside a dllmap element with only the dll attribute specified.

       The dllentry element takes 3 attributes:

       dll    This is the target library, where the function can be found.

       name   This  is  the name of the fuction as it appears in the metadata:
              it is the name of the P/Invoke method.

       target This is the name of the function to lookup instead of  the  name
              specified in the P/Invoke method.


       The  following  example  maps  references  to  the ‘cygwin1.dll’ shared
       library to the ‘’ file.
            <dllmap dll="cygwin1.dll" target=""/>

       This one maps the following C# method:
            [DllImport ("libc")]
            static extern void somefunction ();
       to differentfunction in
            <dllmap dll="libc">
                 <dllentry dll="" name="somefunction" target="differentfunction" />



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