Provided by: inn2_2.4.2-3ubuntu1_i386 bug

NAME - Message of the day information for readers


       This file, found in pathetc/, contains local information for
       news readers in a free-form format.  The entire file is returned
       verbatim to any client that issues the LIST MOTD command.  This might
       be used for new information, notification of upcoming downtime, or
       similar purposes.

       Be aware that use of the LIST MOTD command is not widespread and most
       news clients will never ask for this file.

       If this file is missing, it is not an error.  The server will just send
       the client an empty response.


       Rewritten in POD by Russ Allbery <> for InterNetNews.

       $Id:,v 2003/12/27 06:25:05 rra Exp $