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       sane-fujitsu - SANE backend for Fujitsu flatbed and ADF scanners


       The  sane-fujitsu  library  implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)
       backend which provides access to Fujitsu flatbed and ADF scanners.   At
       present, the following scanners are known to work with this backend:

              Vendor:  Model:           Rev:
              -------- ---------------- -----
              FUJITSU  M3096Gm          02
              FUJITSU  M3093GX
              FUJITSU  M3093GD
              FUJITSU  M4097
              FUJITSU  fi-4220C
              FUJITSU  fi-4340C
              FUJITSU  M3091DCd         BF21
              FUJITSU  M3092DCd

       The  driver  supports lineart, halftone, grayscale, and color (3091 and
       3092) scanning depending on hardware capabiliites.

       The "Fujitsu" driver is a first attempt at integrating support for  all
       Fujitsu  scanners  - previously available as different single drivers -
       in one driver. At present, the M3091DCd is working (lineart,  halftone,
       8-bit  grayscale  and 24-bit color, simplex and duplex), and the driver
       should also support the M3096  as  the  M3096g  driver  code  has  been
       incorporated.  This driver supersedes the old "m3091"/"fujitsu" drivers
       and the old "m3096g" driver.

       Other scanners in these families may work.  The ScanPartner  15C  seems
       to  be  a  repackaging  of the ScanPartner 600C, but I don’t know if it
       works.  Look at the sp15c backend for this  scanner.   Perusal  of  the
       M3096GX/M3093GX/M3093DG manual suggests the M3096G driver offers access
       to a subset of the new scanners.  People are encouraged  to  try  these
       driver  with  the  other  scanners  and to contact the author with test


       The M3091 driver supports duplex scanning. To the front-end,  a  duplex
       scan looks very much like scanning two separate pages from the document
       feeder, i.e. the SANE front-end receives two  images  instead  of  one.
       Front-ends  which  are  not  capable  of  dealing  with that - e.g. the
       command-line tool scanimage - cannot be used for duplex  scanning.   If
       you  want  to  do duplex scans from the command line, get Tom Martone’s
       scanadf     program     from


       A  modest  effort  has  been made to expose the standard options to the
       API.  This allows frontends such as xscanimage to set scanning  region,
       resolution,  bit-depth  (and  color), and enable the automatic document
       The "Fujitsu" driver supports the following options:
       mode m
              m may be one  of  "Color",  "Lineart",  "Halftone",  or  "Gray",
              dependent  on the scanner model. It is advisable to specify this
              option first when using command line tools, as the  validity  of
              some of the other options depends on the mode setting.

       x, y
              Scan width and height

       pagewidth, pageheight
              Page  size;  when  using  the ADF, the driver will assume that a
              page of the given width is centered

       resolution, y-resolution
              Controls scan resolution. Permissible values dependent on  model
              and scan mode; setting --resolution also sets --y-resolution but
              not vice versa. This makes it possible to set the 3091’s maximum
              resolution of 300x600dpi.

       brightness b
              Only supported for M3096

       threshold t
              Only supported for M3096

       duplex d
              d  may  be "front", "back", or "both" and denotes which sides of
              the page are to be scanned  (duplex  scanner  only  for  example
              3091, 3093Gd).

       lampcolor c
              c  may  be "red", "green", "blue", or "default" - the lamp color
              to be used when doing graysacale or b/w scans on the M3091.

       blueoffset, greenoffset
              Color justification options for the M3091; anything  other  than
              +1/-1  will  probably  distort  the  image. Should be left alone
              unless your scanner is buggy.

              boolean option for the M3091. Only affects duplex scans. If set,
              a swap file will be used for storing the rear side of a document
              as it is scanned; otherwise the  whole  page  will  be  kept  in

       You  may specify the line "forceModel=xxx" in the configuration file to
       make the driver treat your  scanner  as  an  "xxx"  scanner  (currently
       supported:  3096,  3091).  Use this if you have another scanner that is
       not automatically detected as being compatible.

       The only other configuration option supported  is  "scsi-buf-size=xxx",
       allowing  you  to  set the SCSI buffer size to something other than the
       compiled-in default. Especially with the M3091 scanner, some users  had
       the  problem that the scanner would "hang" mid-page, and this can often
       be alleviated by using "scsi-buf-size=32768".


       sane(7), sane-scsi(5), sane-sp15c(5) sane-usb(5),
       Fujitsu ScanPartner 15C OEM Manual, Doc. No. 250-0081-0
       Fujitsu M3096G OEM Manual, part number 50FH5028E-05
       Fujitsu M3096GX/M3093GX/M3093DG OEM Manual, part number C150-E015...03


       3096/SP15  drivers:  Randolph  Bentson  <>,   with
       credit to the unnamed author of the coolscan driver
       3091  driver:  Frederik Ramm <> 3093GD,fi-4340C, ipc
       and cmp options:  Oliver  Schirrmeister  <>  3092  patch:
       Mario  Goppold  <>  fi-4220C patch and
       USB support: Ronald B. Cemer <>


       Only tested with Linux 2.4


       I’m sure there are plenty, and not too well hidden, but I haven’t  seen
       them yet.  I don’t know if the ScanPartner 15C still works, because I’m
       not able to test it.  3091/3092 don’t support halftone