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       enigma - Puzzle game reminiscent of Oxyd


       enigma   [--nosound]   [--nomusic]   [--nograb]   [--window]  [-h|help]
       [--data=dir] [--lang=lang] [--version]


       Enigma is a puzzle game similar to Oxyd on the Atari ST or  Rock’n’Roll
       on the Amiga and good old Marble Madness.

       In  Enigma,  your  objective is to locate and uncover matching pairs of
       Oxyd stones. Simple as it sounds, this task is made more  difficult  by
       the fact that Oxyd stones tend to be hidden, inaccessible, or protected
       by unexpected traps. Overcoming these obstacles often requires a lot of
       dexterity and wit (and can be quite addictive.

       For more information, please refer to the HTML manual!


              Start  Enigma  without  sound.  Enigma  uses  SDL  for its sound

              Start Enigma without music. Sound effects will still be  played.

              Do not use exclusive mouse/keyboard access.

              Run Enigma in a window; do not switch do fullscreen mode.

       --data=dir, -d dir
              Prepend a directory to Enigma’s search path.

       --lang=lang, -l lang
              Override the default language.  See examples.

       --help, -h
              Display a list of available command line options and quit.

              Print the Enigma version number and quit.


       The  objective  of  the  game  is  to find and activate pairs of "Oxyd"
       stones with matching colors.  To this end,  you  are  equipped  with  a
       small  black  ball  that  you  control with your mouse.  But watch out!
       There are lasers, bombs, pits,  and  other  harmful  objects  that  may
       interfere  with  that simple goal, not to mention the countless devious
       puzzles the level designers have put in.

       There are several in-game control keys.

       Left mouse button
              Apply the selected item in your inventory.

       Right mouse button or mouse wheel
              Rotate inventory items.

              Rotate inventory items.

       Escape Enter the in-game menu.

       F1     Display help screen.

       F3     Restart the current level.

       F4     Move to the next level.

       F5     Move to the next unsolved level.

       F10    Take a screenshot.

       Left   Decrease mouse speed.

       Right  Increase mouse speed.

              Toggle between fullscreen and windowed display.

       Alt-X  Return to the level menu immediately.


       Please report bugs to <>.


       Daniel Heck <> is  the  main  author  and
       maintainer  of  Enigma.   Enigma  itself  is  based on Oxyd, created by
       Meinolf Schneider.  This manual  page  was  created  by  Joe  Wreschnig
       <> and is currently maintained by Daniel Heck.