Provided by: groach_0.4.0-4_i386 bug


       groach - pests such as roaches hide under your X windows (xroach clone)


       groach [theme] [options]


       Like the classic program xroach, this program  makes  pests  appear  in
       your  X  window  root  who  then  quickly scramble to hide beneath your

       Multiple themes are available, so you can have fish, eyes, or other fun
       pests, as well as the tranditional roaches that everyone loves.


       The most used command line options are noted here:

       THEME  Specify theme name (default, eyes, eyes2, fish, squish, etc)

       -n, --num=NUMBER
              Specify the number of groaches

       -s, --speed=INTERVAL
              Specify the speed of groaches (in ms)

       --help Show full command-line option list


       This manual page was written by Wesley J. Landaker <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others). It  is  distributed
       under the same terms as groach (i.e. the GNU General Public License).

                                April 15, 2005                       groach(6)