Provided by: doomlegacy-sdl_1.41release-1_i386 bug


       lsdldoom - DooM Legacy, a port of the Doom engine that supports OpenGL,
       SDL version


       lsdldoom [options]


       lsdldooom is DooM Legacy, an enhanced version of where idSoftware  left
       with  Doom.  It  is  a  project that started in the December after 1997
       after idSoftware released the source code to Doom.  The first goals  of
       DooM  Legacy  was to update Doom by correcting bugs and add things that
       idSoftware should have been included with  the  original  Doom.   After
       completing  that goal, they continued to work on visual aspects so Doom
       will use the power of today’s machines, not 1994’s.


              Use OpenGL video mode

              Don’t spawn any monsters

              Enable development mode

       -home directory
              Set home directory, default is $HOME

       -cdrom Use data from CD-ROM version of Doom

       -file filename ...
              Add any files specified on the command line with to the wad list

       -dehacked, -deh filename
              Load dehacked file

       -skill skill
              Set skill level and autostart game

       -episode episode
              Autostart game at given episode

       -warp episode map
              Warp to episode

              Don’t check wad version.

              Run a dedicated doom server (non interactive)

       -nocd  Don’t play music from CD

              Sets monsters to respawn

              Teams are played by color

              Teams are played by skin

               Puts  the  game into a split screen mode for two player to play
              on one computer

              Choose deathmatch style 2

              Choose deathmatch style 1

       -fast  Makes the monsters move faster

       -timer value
              Sets the time the level will automatically end

       -avg   Sets the time the level will automatically end to 20

       -turbo speed
              Sets your turbo speed (40-100)

              Deactivate sound

              Deactivate music

              Check for a driver that wants intermission stats

       -record file
              Record a demo to file

       -playdemo file
              -timedemo file Play demo file file

       -loadgame file
              Load a saved game -connect Start multiplayer game automatically

       -shdev Use shareware doom1.wad

              Use registered doom.wad

              Use any of the commercial plutonia.wad, tnt.wad or doom2.wad

       -iwad filename
              Specify the name of the IWAD file to use


       DooM Legacy was written by the DooM Legacy team, based on  Doom  by  Id
       Software. This manpage was written by Gordon Fraser <>
       for the Debian project. It is licensed  under  the  terms  of  the  GNU
       General Public License.

                                August 28, 2002                    LSDLDOOM(6)