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       nighthawk [-h|-s|-c shipnumber]


       Nighthawk is a tribute to one of the most playable and contagious games
       ever written - Paradroid by Andrew Braybrook.

       You are a droid out to save the universe. To do this, you must do  more
       than  simply  blasting  everything  in  sight - you have to transfer to
       better droids in order to conquer more advanced droids, and go  through
       walls to reach parts other droids cannot reach.

       You  start  out  as  a  002  Paradroid in a ship. You can destroy other
       droids, and you  can  also  "transfer":  this  means  transfering  your
       identity  to  the other paradroid, so you’ll have his "body", if you’re
       succesfull. If you’re not, you’ll be destroyed.

       These are the droid types:
        0xx - Prototype Class
              (experimental; vary in function; caution!)
        1xx - Cleaning Droids
              (mindless, slow, low shielded, unarmed)
        2xx - Logistic/Servant Droids
              (brainless, vary in shield and strength)
        3xx - Messenger Droids
              (mindless, fast, low shielded, unarmed)
        4xx - Maintenance Droids
              (vary in shield and speed; may be armed)
        5xx - Medical Droids
              (hard to crack, armed, not hostile)
        6xx - Sentinel Droids
              (vary in shield/speed/fire; armed; will attack)
        7xx - Battle Droids
              (vary in shield/speed/fire; dangerous)
        8xx - Crew Droids
              (armed, not hostile)
        9xx - Command Cyborgs
              (1 per ship; Extremely armed/shielded/fast; deadly)

       Notice that "not hostile" means the droid will not  attack  only  until
       you attack them!


       To open a door, either shoot it or move into it. Doors will close after
       a short time.

       To move around the ship, you  must  use  the  lifts  (these  look  like
       squares with a cross through them, you normally start on one). To use a
       lift, move over it and press space. A map  of  the  ship  will  appear,
       showing  all  the  lifts  and a square dot which represents your droid.
       Press down until the square is over the level you want to  go  to,  and
       then press space to exit the lift.

       To  shoot, click the left mouse button at the target you are aiming at.
       A right mouse click does  a  burst  fire  which  sprays  shots  in  all

       You  won’t  get  very  far in nighthawk unless you learn to transfer to
       different droids. To transfer to a different droid,  press  "t"  (white
       lights  will start flashing and you will be unable to shoot) then click
       on a nearby droid (even one on the other  side  of  a  wall).  The  two
       droids  will  "negotiate"  (what  a euphemism!) to see which one lives.
       During negotiations, neither droid can shoot.

       To find out information about your droid, go to a computer in the  wall
       and press space.

       Key summary:

        cursor keys    move
        left click     fire
        right click    burst fire
        space          activate (lift, computer, boost)
        t              toggle transfer mode
        s              display status
        p              pause
        q              quit

       See      more      information      on      how      to     play     in


       Valid command line options:

       -h     Displays help info

       -s     Displays game scrolls

       -c N   starts the game in the Nth ship. Note that the high score  table
              will treat this as cheating.


       Nighthawk was written by Jason Nunn

       This    manual    page   was    written    by    Jeronimo    Pellegrini
       <>, using text from the README  file  by  Jason
       Nunn, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                  2001-06-10                      NIGHTHAWK(6)