Provided by: pcsx-bin_1.6-1_i386 bug


       pcsx - Playstation emulator launch script


       pcsx [options] [file]


       PCSX  is  a  plugin-based  Playstation  emulator  able to play most PSX
       games. It provides CPU, BIOS, and basic system emulation and relies  on
       plugins for sound, input, and graphics emulation. This is a script that
       allows PCSX to  be  used  in  multiuser  environment,  by  creating  an
       environment at ~/.pcsx/ for it to run in.


       -runcd Runs CDROM from drive

              Runs CDROM from drive through PSX BIOS

       -nogui Don’t load the GUI

       -cfg FILE
              Specify a different config file

              Enable PSX output

       -load STATENUM
              Loads savestate STATENUM

       -help (-h)
              Display help message

       AUTHOR The   environment   script   was   written  by  Frederic  Briere
              <>   with    changes    by    Ryan    Schultz
              <>.    pcsx   was   written  by  Linuzappz
              <>.  This manual  page  was  written  by  Ryan
              Schultz <> for the Debian Project.

                               October 01, 2005                        PCSX(6)