Provided by: pcsx-bin_1.6-1_i386 bug


       pcsx.real - Playstation emulator


       pcsx.real [options] [file]


       PCSX  is  a  plugin-based  Playstation  emulator  able to play most PSX
       games. It provides CPU, BIOS, and basic system emulation and relies  on
       plugins for sound, input, and graphics emulation. pcsx.real is the main
       binary. You should not try to run it directly;  rather,  use  the  pcsx
       shell script that is provided.


       -runcd Runs CDROM from drive

              Runs CDROM from drive through PSX BIOS

       -nogui Don’t load the GUI

       -cfg FILE
              Specify a different config file

              Enable PSX output

       -load STATENUM
              Loads savestate STATENUM

       -help (-h)
              Display help message

       AUTHOR pcsx was written by Linuzappz <>.  This manual
              page was written by Ryan  Schultz  <>  for
              the Debian Project.

                               October 01, 2005                   PCSX.REAL(6)