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       pioneers-server-console - command-line game server for Pioneers


       pioneers-server-console [ -a port ] [ -c AI count ] [ -g game name ]
            [ -k seconds ] [ -m metaserver ] [ -n hostname ]
            [ -P player count ] [ -p port ] [ -R [0|1|2] ] [ -r ] [ -s ]
            [ -t minutes ] [ -T [0|1] ] [ -v points ] [ -x ]


       This manual page documents briefly the pioneers-server-console command.

       Pioneers is an implementation of the popular,  award-winning  "Settlers
       of  Catan"  board  game  for  the GNOME desktop environment.  It uses a
       client/server model  for  networked  play  of  between  two  and  eight
       players.   This  program  provides  a console-only server that pioneers
       clients can connect to.


       -a port     Listen for administrative commands on port port.

       -c num      Start up num computer players.

       -g name     Load the ruleset specified by name.

       -k secs     Automatically stop the server if no one has connected after
                   secs seconds.

       -m metaserver
                   Register  this  server with the metaserver at the specified

       -n hostname Use this hostname  instead  of  the  hostname  reported  by

       -P num      Start  a  game  for  num  total players (including computer

       -p port     Use port port for player connections.

       -R [0|1|2]  "Sevens rule": Specify  gameplay  behavior  when  a  player
                   rolls  a  seven.   A  value  of  0 (the default) means that
                   rolling a seven always moves the  robber.   A  value  of  1
                   requires  the player to re-roll if a seven is rolled on the
                   first two turns.  A value of 2 means the player always  re-

       -r          Register with a meta server.  The meta server to use can be
                   overriden with the -m option.

       -s          Don’t start the game immediately; wait for a command on the
                   admin port (-a) instead.

       -T [0|1]    Choose  a  terrain type: 0 for the default, or 1 for random

       -t mins     Tournament mode: add AI players after mins minutes.

       -v points   Specify the number of "victory points" required to win  the

       -x          Automatically exit after a player has won.


       The default settings of the server can be influenced with the following
       three environment variables:

              The hostname of the meta-server when no meta-server is specified
              on the command-line.

              The  hostname  of the server.  If it is not set, the hostname is
              determined by hostname(1).

              The path to the game definition files.  If it is  not  set,  the
              default installation path will be used.


              Game definitions


       This manual page was written by Steve Langasek <>, and
       updated by Roland Clobus <>.  Pioneers  was  written
       by  Dave  Cole  <>, Andy Heroff <>,
       and Roman Hodek <>, with contributions from  many  other
       developers  on  the  Internet;  see  the  AUTHORS  file in the pioneers
       distribution for a complete list of contributing authors.


       pioneers(6), pioneers-server-gtk(6), pioneersai(6), hostname(1)