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       scrabble - popular crossword game


       scrabble <level>


       Scrabble is a hybrid of crossword mentality, positional strategy, and a
       true test of your language mastery.  You start with a board that serves
       for the placement for letter tiles.  On the board there are specific
       squares that when used can add to your score dramatically. These
       premium squares can double or triple letter values.  Some of these
       squares can even double or triple your word scores!  You must position
       yourself to grab the squares and block your opponent from spelling out
       a "killer" word.


       Scrabble takes only one option: the play level.  This option is a
       number from 1 to 9 (inclusive) with higher numbers indicating a more
       difficult opponont.


       Scrabble was written by Brian White <> and has been
       placed in the public domain (the only true "free").