Provided by: lxdoom-sndserv_1.4.4-9.2_i386 bug


       sndserv - sound effects server for lxdoom and related games


       sndserv [device] [-devparm]


       sndserv is the sound-playing server used by lxdoom for sound output.

       It  is  not  likely  of  any use to the average end-user, except for in
       conjunction with lxdoom.


       device The device used for output. Must be  the  first  option  on  the
              command line.

              Be  verbose; output debugging information. Must be the second or
              third option on the command-line.


       DOOM was originally written  by  id  Software,  and  is  Copyright  (C)
       1993-1996 id Software. LxDoom is based on Boom, a freely available port
       of Doom for DOS, written by TeamTNT ( ), and is
       Copyright  (C)  1999  Colin  Phipps.  LxDoom  is licensed under the GNU
       General Public License.

       This manual page was written by  Joe  Drew  <>  for  the
       Debian system, but may be used elsewhere under the GPL.