Provided by: typespeed_0.4.4-8_i386 bug


       typespeed - Test your typing speed, and get your fingers’ CPS


       typespeed [options]


       Typespeed  gives  your  fingers’ cps (total and correct), typoratio and
       some points to compare with your friends.

       Typespeed’s idea is ripped from ztspeed (a dos game  made  by  Zorlim).
       Idea of the game should be clear to anyone, just type and type it fast,
       or be a lewser.

       Notice: the speed of words going across the screen has been changed  in
       version  0.4.0.  Scores are not comparable with older versions now. See
       the README file for more detailed information.


              Turns off the ncurses colors, it can be a more clear way to play
              the game in some situations.

              This  will  enable  the  cheat, which wraps words instantly when
              they are written correctly. You don’t need to press space/enter.
              It is another question if this "cheat" actually helps..

              Training  mode  (where  nm  is  speed number). It slows the game
              down. Speed number tells how often  words  are  moved,  normally
              always. So that with number "2", words move every second time in
              the loop and with "4" they move  only  every  fourth  time.  You
              can’t  obviously  get  your name in the high score list by using
              this option.

              Start typespeed in server mode. Typespeed will  wait  for  other
              player to connect.

              Start typespeed in client mode (where addr is network address of
              server) Typespeed will try to connect to the given  address  and
              start network play.

              Tells  what  tcp/ip  port will typespeed be using in the network
              play. The default port is 6025.

              Reset/Make scorefiles for the wordfiles found in the dir defined
              in  the configs or if no config files exist, then in the current
              dir. Doesn’t start typespeed.

       --help Little explaining of the parameters


       /etc/typespeedrc Config file
       $HOME/.typespeed.rc Personal config file. Overrides the  system  config

       The  config file consists of only one line, which defines the directory
       of typespeed’s data files. It is usually /usr/local/lib/typespeed/.


       Network game.


       Jani Ollikainen  <>
       Jaakko Manelius  <>

       Bugs/Ideas/Comments to <>