Provided by: wmmand_1.1-2_i386 bug


       wmMand - Dockable Mandelbrot browser


       wmMand [-h] [-zoom <factor>] [-display <Display>]


       wmMand is a dockable Mandelbrot fractal browser or explorer. The window
       initially comes up with the whole Mandelbrot set  in  view.  The  mouse
       buttons  can be used to zoom into or out of the set. Use the left mouse
       button to zoom in, and the right button to zoom out.

       Pressing the middle mouse button brings up a button bar that allows the
       user  to change color tables (button ’C’), change the maximum number of
       iterations (the button with numbers  in  it),  reset  to  initial  view
       (button ’R’), and show a larger version of the image with imagemagick’s
       "display" (button ’I’).

       A higher number of iterations will allow you  to  look  deeper  in  the
       fractal. However, if you feel yourself limited by wmMand, check out the
       ’xaos’ program by Jan Hubicka.


       -h     Display list of command-line options.

       -zoom <factor>
              Set zoom factor. Default is 1.1.

       -display <display>
              Use an alternate X display.


       Let me know if/when you find any.


       Michael G. Henderson <>, 15 February 1999

                                 13 April 2002                       wmMand(6)