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       fb_find_mode -  finds a valid video mode


       int  __init fb_find_mode (struct fb_var_screeninfo *var, struct fb_info
       *info, const char *mode_option, const struct fb_videomode *db, unsigned
       int  dbsize,  const  struct  fb_videomode  *default_mode,  unsigned int


       var          frame buffer user defined part of display

       info         frame buffer info structure

       mode_option  string video mode to find

       db           video mode database

       dbsize       size of db

                    default video mode to fall back to

       default_bpp  default color depth in bits per pixel


       Finds a suitable video  mode,  starting  with  the  specified  mode  in
       mode_option  with fallback to default_mode.  If default_mode fails, all
       modes in the video mode database will be tried.

       Valid mode specifiers for mode_option:

       <xres>x<yres>[-<bpp>][@<refresh>]            or

       with   <xres>,   <yres>,  <bpp>  and  <refresh>
       decimal numbers and <name> a string.


        The passed struct var is _not_ cleared!  This  allows  you  to  supply
       values for e.g. the grayscale and accel_flags fields.

       Returns  zero for failure, 1 if using specified mode_option, 2 if using
       specified mode_option with an ignored refresh rate, 3 if  default  mode
       is used, 4 if fall back to any valid mode.