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       init_hippi_dev -  Register HIPPI device


       struct   net_device  *  init_hippi_dev  (struct  net_device  *dev,  int


       dev          A HIPPI device structure to be filled in, or NULL if a new
                   struct should be allocated.

       sizeof_priv    Size   of  additional  driver-private  structure  to  be
                   allocated for this ethernet device


       Fill in the fields of the device structure with HIPPI-generic values.

       If no device structure is passed, a new one  is  constructed,  complete
       with  a  private  data  area  of size sizeof_priv.  A 32-byte (not bit)
       alignment is enforced for this private data area.

       If an empty string area is passed as dev->name, or a  new  structure
       is made, a new name string is constructed.