Provided by: darkice_0.16-1_i386 bug


       darkice - an icecast / shoutcast live audio streamer


       darkice [options] -c config.file


       DarkIce  as  a  live  audio  streamer.  It  records audio from an audio
       interface (e.g. sound card), encodes it and sends  it  to  a  streaming
       server.  DarkIce can record from:

           * OSS audio devices
           * ALSA audio devices
           * Solaris audio interface
           * Jack sources

       DarkIce can encode in the following formats:

           * mp3 - using the lame library
           * Ogg Vorbis
           * AAC - using the faac library

       DarkIce can send the encoded stream to the following streaming servers:

           * ShoutCast
           * IceCast 1.3.x and 2.x
           * Darwin Streaming Server

       Darkice runs on the following operating systems:

           * FreeBSD
           * Linux on intel and PowerPC
           * MacOS X
           * NetBSD / OpenBSD
           * SUN Solaris

       DarkIce uses POSIX real-time scheduling to  keep  up  with  sound  card
       input.   POSIX real-time scheduling is only available if the program is
       run as root.  Therefore it is recommended that DarkIce is run as  root.


       -c config.file
              Specifies what configuration file to use.

       -v n   Sets  the  verbosity level, between 0 and 10. 0 is silent, 10 is
              loud.  Defaults to 1.

       -h     Prints the help page and exits.


       Lots of bugs.




       Akos Maroy <>


       Developed with contributions by

           Jim Crilly, <>
           aNa|0Gue, <>
           Robin P. Blanchard, <>
           Tom Gray, <>
           Michael Smith, <>
           Julius O. Smith, <>
           the OSALP team,
           Kristjan G. Bjarnason <>
           Nicu Pavel <>
           Kai Krakow <>
           Atsuhiko Yamanaka <>
           Ricardo Galli <>
           John Hay <>
           Christian Forster <>
           John Deeny <>
           Robert Lunnon <>
           Enrico Ardizzoni <>
           Deti Fliegl <>
           Nicholas J. Humfrey <>
           Joel Ebel <>


       Project homepage:

       IceCast homepage:

       ShoutCast homepage:

       Darwin             Streaming              Server              homepage:

       Lame homepage:

       Ogg Vorbis homepage:

       faac homepage:

       DarkSnow  GTK  front-end:
       written by Rafael Diniz