Provided by: po-debconf_0.9.2_all bug


       debconf-gettextize - add gettext support to Debconf templates


       debconf-gettextize [-v] [-h] [--podir=DIR] [-l STRING] [-o FILE] [-U]
       master [master ...]


       This program reads a list of master files and their associated
       translations, and generates po/*.po files for each language containing
       translated strings.  This script assumes that localized templates are
       in predefined encodings; if a language has no predefined encoding, the
       PO file has a .unknown suffix in order not to break further processing.
       You have to manually rename this file after fixing the encoding

       Each input file is renamed with a ".old" suffix, and new master file
       overwrites the old one; it is identical to the master file except that
       an underscore is prepended to translatable fields.  Developers can then
       choose which fields translators have to work on and which ones are
       skipped because their values are not locale-dependent.

       A po/ is also created, this file contains the list of
       templates files debconf-updatepo has to process.  The debconf-
       gettextize program must be run only once when transforming from Debconf
       native i18n format to this one.


       -h, --help
           Display a usage summary program and exit.

       -v, --verbose
           Process in verbose mode.

           Set directory for PO files.  Default is to search PO files in the
           po subdirectory below the location of the first master file.

       -l, --lang=STRING
           Only process a single language.  This option can be set several
           times in order to process multiple languages.

       -o, --new-templates=FILE
           Do not modify templates files in place, but write into a new file.
           The po/ file reflect this change.  This option does only
           make sense with a single argument.

       -U, --unsafe
           By default, debconf-gettextize runs the msguniq program (which
           comes from "gettext" >= 0.11) in order to ensure that valid PO
           files are written.  If you do not have this program installed and
           still want to generate PO files, use this option.  But be warned
           that PO files will be invalid if you have duplicate msgids!


       The debconf-getlang and debconf-mergetemplate programs from the
       "debconf-utils" package reformat text; unfortunately it cannot be done
       in a reversible manner, so spacing may need to be fixed.  The
       "po-debconf" tools do not try to be as smart as "debconf-utils", they
       assume that input spacing has no spurious spaces, so double spaces may
       appear in PO files if extraneous spaces appear at end of lines.

       The "Default" field is special when template type is "Select" or
       "Multiselect", because value has to be chosen amongst English list of
       choices, even for localized values.  Normally this field must not be
       changed, but in rare circumstances localized values are meaningful
       (e.g. to choose the default language of an application).  In order to
       let translators know that this localized "Default" field is special,
       you must by convention call it "_DefaultChoice" instead of "_Default".


       debconf-updatepo(1), debconf2pot(1), po2debconf(1), po-debconf(7).


         Denis Barbier <>
         Martin Quinson <>

                                  2005-12-22             DEBCONF-GETTEXTIZE(1)