Provided by: debhelper_5.0.7ubuntu13_all bug


       dh_installdebconf - install files used by debconf in package build


       dh_installdebconf [debhelper options] [-n] [-- params]


       dh_installdebconf is a debhelper program that is responsible for
       installing files used by the debconf package into package build

       It also automatically generates the postrm commands needed to interface
       with debconf. See dh_installdeb(1) for an explanation of how that

       Files named debian/package.config and debian/package.templates are
       installed into the DEBIAN directory in the package build directory.  If
       a file named debian/package.config.debhelper exists, the contents of
       that file are merged into the config script as follows: If the script
       exists, then anywhere in it that "#DEBHELPER#" appears, the text of the
       .debhelper file is inserted. If the script does not exist, then a
       script is generated from the .debhelper file. The .debhelper files may
       be created by other debhelper programs, and are shell script fragments.

       Note that if you use debconf, your package probably needs to depend on
       it (it will be added to ${misc:Depends} by this program).

       Note that for your config script to be called by dpkg, your postinst
       needs to source debconf’s confmodule. dh_installdebconf does not
       install this statement into postinst automatically as it it too hard to
       do it right.


       Debconf also supports localized template files, and this program has
       some support to aid is working with them. It is best to keep the
       translations in .po files under debian/po, and merge them only at build
       time. See po2debconf(1) and debconf-getlang(1) for details.

       This program will look to see if you have a debian/po directory and if
       so will automatically call po2debconf(1) to generate a merged templates
       file. Or if you have debian/templates.ll files, it will use the older
       debconf-mergetemplate(1) program to merge those together.

       Note that if your package has a debian/po directory it should build-
       depend on po-debconf.

       For example, if you have a German translation, strings from
       debian/po/de.po are merged with debian/package.templates.


       -n, --noscripts
           Do not modify postrm script.

       -- params
           Pass the params to po2debconf, if it is run or
           debconf-mergetemplate, if it is run.



       This program is a part of debhelper.


       Joey Hess <>