Provided by: po-debconf_0.9.2_all bug


       po2debconf - merge master templates file and PO files


       po2debconf [-v] [-h] [--podir=DIR] [-o FILE] [-e STRING] master


       This program reads all PO files and a single templates file, and
       produces a Debconf templates file containing all translations, similar
       to the one produced by debconf-mergetemplate(1) (from the
       "debconf-utils" package).  PO files are by default searched in the po
       subdirectory below the location of the master file.

       In order to make sure that PO files shipped in Debian source packages
       are up to date, debconf-updatepo is run if any PO file is older than
       the master templates file.

       To help the language code transition for Norwegian Bokmaal, the no and
       nb language codes are handled specially.  If no.po exists, it should be
       renamed to nb.po.  Using nb.po will make both "-no" and "-nb"
       translations available in the templates file.


       -h, --help
           Display a usage summary and exit.

       -v, --verbose
           Process in verbose mode.

           Set directory for PO files.  Default is to search PO files in the
           po subdirectory below the location of the master file.

       -o, --output=FILE
           Set output filename (default is standard output).

       -e, --encoding=STRING
           Convert encoding.  Argument can take 3 values: "utf8" (convert to
           UTF-8), "po" (do not change encoding) and "popular" (convert
           encoding of input files depending on their language; the
           "PODEBCONF_ENCODINGS" environment variable must point to a filename
           containing the encoding map),

           Such a filename looks like:

             #   Sharp is comment sign
             cs       ISO-8859-2
             da       ISO-8859-1
             de       ISO-8859-1
             el       ISO-8859-7


           Default encoding used to be "popular", and has been switched to
           "utf8" since po-debconf 0.9.0.


       Since debconf 1.2.0, templates format has changed, encoding is part of
       field names, i.e. they are "foo-lang.encoding".  When older debconf
       encounter such fields, they are silently ignored, which means that
       original text is displayed.

       If present, a po/output file can override defaults for encoding and
       output format.  It contains a single line, first field is output format
       (currently valid values are 1 for fields in the form "foo-lang", and 2
       for "foo-lang.encoding") and second field is encoding, e.g.

          echo ’2 utf8’ > po/output

       let "po2debconf" convert text to UTF-8.

       When encoding is set to "po" or "utf8", output format is always set to
       2, so that older debconf do not try to display text with wrong


       debconf-gettextize(1), debconf-updatepo(1), debconf2pot(1),


         Denis Barbier <>

                                  2005-12-22                     PO2DEBCONF(1)