Provided by: printbill_4.1.2-1.1_i386 bug


       printbill_grapher - check your print quota


       printbill_grapher   --path  <path>  [--fraction  <fraction>]  [--slices
       <slices>] [--printer <printer>] [--force] [--help]


       printbill_grapher performs statistical analysis of the stats  file  for
       the  specified  printer,  displays  maximum,  minimum,  mean,  standard
       deviation and  median  for  each  parameter  on  standard  output,  and
       generates  a  set  of  graphs showing the frequency distribution of key
       parameters plus the temporal distribution of printer load (measured  by
       page  count)  averaged over four different time scales (past week, past
       month,  past  year  and  forever).  Output  files  are  prefixed   with
       "printer_"  and are saved in the path specified on the command-line (or
       current working directory if not otherwise specified).


       printbill_grapher requires a fully functional  printbill  installation,
       and  all  that  that  entails.  You must also have a functional gnuplot
       installation with PNG support.


       Please see the accompanying README file for installation  instructions.
       Chances are if you’re reading this it’s correctly installed.


       --path <path>
              Specifies  the directory where .PNG files for the varoius graphs
              will be written. Defaults to current working directory.

       --fraction <fraction>
              Only plot the <fraction> lowest values. Useful when you want  to
              see  a  bit  more detail of some very long-tailed distributions.
              Defaults to 1 (i.e. see everything).

       --slices <slices>
              Frequency histograms will use <slices> range bins.  Defaults  to

       --printer <printer>
              Specify the printer whose stats you wish to analyse. Defaults to

       --help Prints usage message.


       printbill  and  the  accompanying  utilities  were  written  by  Daniel
       Franklin  (  The web interface was written by Phil
       Ciufo (


       You  can  always  grab   the   latest   and   greatest   version   from


       /var/lib/printbill/printbill.db  The  database. It contains entries for
       the total pages printed and the total paid into the database.


       printbill(1),  printbill(8),   printbilld(1),   printbill_configure(8),
       percentblack(1),    percentcolour(1),    percent_cmy(1),    pqcheck(1),
       printquote(1),   printbill_printer(1),   printbillrc(5),   printcap(5),
       init_from_passwd(8), pqm(8).