Provided by: printbill_4.1.2-1.1_i386 bug


       printbill_printer - fair printing billing and accounting system.




       printbill_printer is a very simple print filter which only accepts jobs
       from the user nominated in the  printbilld_user  variable  declared  in
       printbillrc(5).   It  is  used  in  the second-level print queue - this
       queue  should  only  ever  be  used   by   the   printbilld_user   (see
       printbillrc(5)) and printed to from printbilld(1).


       printbill_printer  printquote  requires  everything  that the printbill
       package requires, including a  working  percentblack/percentcolour  and


       Please  see  the  accompanying  README  file  for detailed installation
       instructions.  Chances  are  if  you’re  reading  this  it’s  correctly
       installed.   Note  that  the program and the accompanying utilities are
       written in Perl and so may be customised by the user very easily.


       printbill_printer and the accompanying utilities were written by Daniel
       Franklin  (  The web interface was written by Phil
       Ciufo (


       You  can  always  grab   the   latest   and   greatest   version   from


              This  is fairly complex, and is now documented on its own manual
              page (see printbillrc(5) ).

              This contains the message mailed to anybody who has a print  job
              rejected.   The  default message just informs the user why their
              job may have been rejected, and suggests some possible remedies.

              Current user quotas.

              Global page count, money paid and money spent are stored here.

              Printer  databases  -  contain  toner/ink  usage and total pages

              You need to have a printcap entry which looks similar to this:

              lp|My Printer

                     ... the rest of your printcap entry, including any output filters

              You may add an additional print-filter, in case you don’t have a
              PostScript  printer.  Obviously,  if  the  scripts  are  located
              somewhere  else,  adjust  your   printcap   and   config   files


       printbill(1),   printbill(8),   printbilld(1),  printbill_configure(8),
       printbill_grapher(1),        percentblack(1),         percentcolour(1),
       percent_cmy(1), pqcheck(1), printquote(1), printbillrc(5), printcap(5),
       init_from_passwd(8), pqm(8).