Provided by: printbill_4.1.2-1.1_i386 bug


       printbilld - print billing/accounting/quote-generating daemon


       printbilld [--stay]


       printbilld  printbilld is the server which does all of the hard work in
       the  printbill(8)  system.  It  is  designed  to  be  called  from  the
       printbill(1)  print  filter,  which  passes  its (checked) command-line
       options to printbilld(1) via a Unix-domain  socket,  as  a  param=value
       list  separated  by  semicolons  and  terminated  by  a  newline.  When
       printbilld has completed the processing of a job, it sends  its  return
       value (JSUCC or JREMOVE) back to printbill(1).

       The  most  important  option  is  the type parameter. If this is set to
       "bill", printbilld(1) checks if the user has a writable quote file with
       some  non-zero  quota, then calculates the bill, if the user can afford
       to print, the job is spooled  to  a  secondary  printer  and  JSUCC  is
       returned to the printbill script (otherwise JREMOVE is sent and the job
       is not re-spooled).  If it is set to "lazybill", printbilld immediately
       sends  back  JSUCC if the user has positive print quota, then bills the
       job and deducts from the user’s remaining quota (if this goes  negative
       the  debt  must be repayed before any further printing is possible). If
       the type is set to  "account",  no  billing  is  done,  but  stats  are
       calculated and recorded on a per-user and per-printer basis (as for the
       bill and lazybill). If set to "quote", the price is calculated  and  e-
       mailed  and/or  sent via "winpopup" (using smbclient) to the user. Note
       that if you want to use  the  smbclient  method,  you  must  edit  your
       smb.conf file as described in printbillrc(5).

       Please  refer  to  printbill(8)  for  a comprehensive discussion of how
       printbill actually works.


       Please see the accompanying README file for installation  instructions.
       Chances are if you’re reading this it’s correctly installed.


       printbill  and  the  accompanying  utilities  were  written  by  Daniel
       Franklin ( The web interface was written by Daniel
       Franklin and Phil Ciufo (


       You   can   always   grab   the   latest   and  greatest  version  from


       printbill(1),           printbill(8),           printbill_configure(8),
       printbill_grapher(1),         percentblack(1),        percentcolour(1),
       percent_cmy(1),   pqcheck(1),   printquote(1),    printbill_printer(1),
       printbillrc(5), printcap(5), pqm(8).