Provided by: printbill_4.1.2-1.1_i386 bug


       printquote - give a quote for a print job




       printquote processes filenames and tells you how much each will cost to
       print. It uses the same code as printbill but doesn’t spool the job. If
       you specified a printer, charge rates and colourspace settings for that
       printer are used.  filename must be a file which your chosen filter may
       be  able  to convert to ghostscript. The default is to use /bin/cat, so
       unless you install magicfilter or similar you  will  only  be  able  to
       print PostScript files.


       printquote  requires  everything  that  the printbill package requires,
       including a working percentblack/percentcolour  and  GhostScript.  Make
       sure  you have specified a valid print filter in the configuration file
       if you want to print non-PostScript files (NOTE - this is NOT the  same
       as the optional print filter in /etc/printcap, although similar filters
       may be used - I recommend magicfilter).


       Please see the accompanying README file for installation  instructions.
       Chances are if you’re reading this it’s correctly installed.


       printbill  and  the  accompanying  utilities  were  written  by  Daniel
       Franklin ( The web interface was written  by  Phil
       Ciufo (


       You   can   always   grab   the   latest   and  greatest  version  from


       /var/lib/printbill/printquotas.db      Current       user       quotas.
       /var/lib/printbill/printers/*.db  Printer databases - contain toner/ink
       usage and total pages printed.  /etc/printbill/printbillrc  The  charge
       rates, path to the optional filter and settings for individual printers
       are stored here.


       printbill(1),  printbill(8),   printbilld(1),   printbill_configure(8),
       printbill_grapher(1),         percentblack(1),        percentcolour(1),
       percent_cmy(1),   pqcheck(1),   printbill_printer(1),   printbillrc(5),
       printcap(5), init_from_passwd(8), pqm(8).