Provided by: libnuma-dev_0.9-1_i386 bug


       get_mempolicy - Retrieve NUMA memory policy for a process


       #include <numaif.h>

       int  get_mempolicy(int  *policy, unsigned long *nodemask, unsigned long
       maxnode, unsigned long addr, unsigned long flags)


       get_mempolicy retrieves the NUMA policy of the current  process  or  an
       memory  address.   A NUMA machine has different memory controllers with
       different distances to specific CPUs.  The  memory  policy  defines  in
       which node memory is allocated for the process.  get_mempolicy gets the
       memory policy of the current process. The policy is stored into  policy
       when  not  zero,  with  the  associated  nodemask stored into nodemask.
       maxnode is the maximum bit number plus one  that  can  be  stored  into
       nodemask.   The bit number is always rounded to an multiple of unsigned

       For an overview of  the  possible  policies  see  the  set_mempolicy(2)


       get_mempolicy returns -1 when an error occurred, otherwise 0.


       Applications  should  consider  using  the  higher  level  functions in
       numa(3) instead. This library is available in the numactl package.

       This manpage is not documenting  some  obscure  features  that  can  be
       enabled using flags.


       The  get_mempolicy  syscall  was added to the Linux kernel with version
       2.6.7rc1.  It is only available on kernels compiled with CONFIG_NUMA.

       Until glibc supports these system calls you can link with -lnuma to get
       system  call  definitions. libnuma is available in the numactl package.
       It also has the numaif.h header.


       mbind(2), set_mempolicy(2), numactl(8), numa(3)