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       sstk - change stack size


       caddr_t sstk(int incr);


       (From the 4.3BSD Architecture Manual)

       Each  process  begins  execution  with  three logical areas of memories
       called text, data and stack. The text area  is  read-only  and  shared,
       while  the  data  and stack areas are private to the process.  Both the
       data and stack areas may be extended and contracted on program request.
       The call

            caddr_t addr = sbrk(incr);

       changes the size of the data area by incr bytes and returns the new end
       of the data area, while

            caddr_t addr = sstk(incr);

       changes  the  size  of  the  stack  area.  The  stack  area   is   also
       automatically  extended  as  needed. On the VAX the text and data areas
       are adjacent in the P0 region, while the stack section  is  in  the  P1
       region, and grows downward.


       This call is not supported in 4.3BSD or 4.4BSD or glibc or Linux or any
       other known Unix-like system. Some systems have a routine of this  name
       that returns ENOSYS.



                                  2003-11-11                           SSTK(2)