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       apt-spy.conf - configuration file for apt-spy(8)


       apt-spy.conf  is the configuration file for apt-spy(8).  It consists of
       a series of area labels, followed by a list of countries  belonging  to
       that label.  Whitespace is ignored.

       Comments  may  be  added  anywhere,  and  begin  with  the  hash  (’#’)
       character.  Once a hash character is encountered, the rest of the  line
       is ignored.

       A  label consists of any alphanumeric characters, and ends with a colon
       character (’:’).  The label must be on  a  line  by  itself  (excluding

       Following  a  label  are  a  list  of  country  codes (one per line) of
       countries belonging to that label.

       Each country has a unique two-letter country code corresponding to  its
       top  level  domain  identifier.   This is the same as the ISO3166 code.
       You can find the country code for a specific country either by  looking
       at   /var/lib/apt-spy/mirrors.txt,  or  by  looking  at  the  commented
       examples in the default apt-spy.conf.

       Labels cannot exist within labels.  The  end  of  a  label  section  is
       signaled by the start of a new one, or by the end of file.

       Any  valid  label  existing in apt-spy.conf can be specified to apt-spy
       using the ’-a’ option.  apt-spy will  then  proceed  to  benchmark  the
       mirrors in the list of countries associated with that label.


       This is an example of a valid apt-spy.conf file:
                        GB   # United Kingdom
                        US   # United States



       There  is  a  default  configuration  file  included  with apt-spy. For
       further examples, and for a list of valid country codes,  please  refer
       to this.


       apt-spy(8), apt(8), sources.list(5)

                                20th May, 2003                 APT-SPY.CONF(5)