Provided by: l2tpd_0.70-pre20031121-2_i386 bug


       l2tp-secrets - L2TPD secrets file


       The   l2tp-secrets   file  contains  challenge-response  authentication
       information for l2tpd, the implementation of l2tp protocol.  The format
       of  the  file is derived from the pap and chap secrets file format used
       in pppd.

       The secrets file is composed of zero or more lines with 3 fields  each.
       Each  line represents an authentication secret.  The 3 fields represent
       our  hostname,  the  remote  hostname  and  the  secret  used  in   the
       authentication process.

       The  first  field is for our hostname, a "*" may be used as a wildcard.
       At present, we always use the hostname  "eriwan".   This  needs  to  be

       The second field is for the remote system’s hostname.  Again, a "*" may
       be used as a wildcard.

       The third field is the secret used if the previous two fields match the
       hostnames  of  the systems involved.  The secret should, ideally, be at
       16 characters long (the length of an MD5  digest  output),  and  should
       probably  be longer to ensure sufficient security.  There is no minimum
       length requirement, however.


       /etc/l2tpd/l2tpd.conf /etc/l2tpd/l2tp-secrets /var/run/l2tp-control


       Please address bugs and comment to


       l2tpd(8) l2tpd.conf(5)


       Jeff McAdams <>

       Previous      development      was      hosted      at      sourceforge
       ( by:

       Scott Balmos <>
       David Stipp <>
       Jeff McAdams <>

       Based off of l2tpd version 0.60
       Copyright (C)1998 Adtran, Inc.
       Mark Spencer <>