Provided by: cnews_cr.g7-39_i386 bug


       newsoverview - netnews overview files




       Each  newsgroup directory contains a file named ‘.overview’, containing
       one-line summaries of articles in that group.  Fields are separated  by
       tabs,  and  any  tabs or newlines in the original articles headers have
       been replaced with spaces.  The fields are, in order:

       1. article number (file name)

       2. subject

       3. author

       4. date

       5. message-id

       6. references

       7. byte count

       8. line count

          optionally other headers, as arranged locally (none are supplied  by
          the database maintenance software, as shipped).

       The  line-count  and  references  fields may be empty.  If the optional
       other headers are present, they include their header keyword and colon;
       if  they  are  absent  entirely, the tab after the line-count field may
       also be absent.

       The file is maintained in numerical order, by article number.

       At the time of writing (late 1992), the lines in an overview  file  are
       typically 150-300 characters long, and an overview file for a typically
       busy group is often 30,000 bytes to 60,000  bytes  long,  with  notable
       exceptions exceeding 500,000 bytes.


       A  few  lines  from  one  overview file, with tabs displayed as ‘│’ and
       lines continued after ‘\’.
              8870strange message ids: <something> (John Schmitz)\18 Sep 1992 19:57:16 GMT<>││8218871Re: BNF rule for newsgroup names? (Kristian Koehntopp)\Fri, 18 Sep 1992 17:51:09 GMT<>\<> <>\
               <> <339@blars.UUCP>926││Supersedes: <1234@foovax>






       Written by Geoff Collyer as part of the C News project.


       The contents of the line-count field should not  be  believed  and  are
       really pretty worthless yet popular.

       There  is  some  confusion  about  whether the order and content of the
       first eight fields is a local decision, or a standard.   It’s  intended
       to  be  a standard; please do not mess with it.  All, repeat all, local
       variations should be done by adding the optional fields at the end, and
       those  fields  must  include their header keywords (and colons) to make
       them self-identifying.

                                  28 Aug 1994                NEWSOVERVIEW(5cn)