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       /etc/smail/qualify - smail hostname qualification configuration


       This section details the format and use of the hostname qualification

       The qualify file defines the domain name(s) to be used in making all
       hostnames fully-qualified. Note that this file is used only for bare
       hostnames, i.e. names without dots.

       The qualify file uses the standard routine for reading file entries.
       Each entry should have the form:

           hostname    domain

       stating that the host name hostname should be considered a part of
       domain domain.  As a special case, if the hostname value is the special
       string ‘‘*’’, the entry matches any host.  This is a catch-all feature
       which should only be used in the last entry in a qualify file.
       Typically, UUCP sites should should have an entry like:

           *   uucp

       at the end of the qualify file.

       If the qualify file is missing, or if no entry is found that matches a
       given hostname, then no hostname qualification is performed.


       Hostname qualifications.


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       Colons cannot be included in the value of a list element.  Database
       files cannot contain ‘‘#’’ in the left-hand field.


       Copyright (C) 1987, 1988 Ronald S. Karr and Landon Curt Noll
       Copyright (C) 1992 Ronald S. Karr See a file COPYING, distributed with
       the source code, or type smail -bc, to view distribution rights and
       restrictions associated with this software.