Provided by: bastet_0.41-3_i386 bug


       bastet - frustrating tetris clone with an evil AI


       bastet [WIDTHxHEIGHT]


       bastet  (stands  for  "bastard  tetris")  is  a free clone of Tetris(r)
       (built on the top of petris  by  Peter  Seidler)  designed  to  be  "as
       bastard as possible": every turn it calculates the worst possible block
       to provide, guaranteeing endless frustration.


       Use up and down arrow to select a level (=block speed. The  higher  the
       level,  the  more points you will get when you drop a brick).  Use left
       and right arrow to move the piece from side to side. Use  up  arrow  to
       rotate, and down arrow to speed up the fall.

       Some  other  keybindings  that  will  be  useful:  p for pausing, q for
       quitting during the game, space to drop current block, 0 to rotate  the
       block CCW.

       Note that the block preview does not work as in normal tetris: instead,
       it display the most useful brick, the  one  you  would  like  to  have.
       Needless to say, you will never get it!


       -h     Display  the  format for setting width and height of the playing


              The global high scores for bastet.


       None known at the moment. If you find one,  please  report  it  to  the


                                   MAY 2004                          BASTET(6)