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       bi2cf - a map conversion tool for Crimson Fields


       bi2cf mapname [-p 1|2] [-f b|1|2|h] [-l] [-t mapname] [-i mapinfo]
             [-o outfile] [-d mapdir] [-O destdir] [-q]

       bi2cf {-h | -v}


       bi2cf is a map conversion tool for Crimson Fields. It  takes  the  data
       files  of  maps  from  Battle  Isle,  Battle  Isle Data Disk 1 or 2, or
       History Line 1914-1918 and converts them into map sources  usable  with
       the  cfed(6)  map  compiler  for  Crimson Fields. bi2cf can handle both
       uncompressed maps and levels crunched with TPWM.

       For some units and tiles there are  no  corresponding  counterparts  in
       Crimson Fields. These cases are mapped to similar ones if available. As
       a result some maps will not be as balanced as the originals, others may
       be  unwinnable,  and  still  others  may  even fail to compile. If this
       happens the map in question needs to be adjusted manually.


       -d mapdir
              Set the location of the Battle Isle map files.

       -f b|1|2|h
              Force map type to Battle Isle / BI Data Disk 1 / BI Data Disk  2
              /  History  Line,  respectively. Use this option when map format
              autodetection does not work correctly. Maps from BI Data Disk  1
              will  always  be  detected  as standard Battle Isle maps, so you
              have to use -f 1 in that case.

       -h     Print a usage message on standard output and exit.

       -i mapinfo
              Set map info message.

       -l     Skip last row and column of the map. This is necessary for  maps
              from the PC version of Battle Isle.

       -o outfile
              Write map to file outfile. Default file name is mapname.src.

       -O destdir
              Set  target  directory  for  the  converted map. This setting is
              ignored if a map name was given using the -t option.

       -p 1|2 Set default number of players for this map.

       -q     Run quietly. Don’t  print  processing  information  on  standard

       -t mapname
              Set  title  and  file  name  for  the  converted map. Default is

       -v     Print version information on standard output and exit.


        cfed(6), crimson(6)


       Copyright © 2002 Florian Dietrich

       This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General  Public
       License: (GPL).


       Florian Dietrich.

                                  Jan 30 2003                         BI2CF(6)