Provided by: doomlegacy-x11_1.41release-1_i386 bug


       musserver - Music server for DooM Legacy


       musserver [options]


       When  Linux  Doom  was  originally released, the music support had been
       left out.  musserver, a companion  to  Id’s  sndserver,  provides  full
       music   support   for  doom.   Its  behavior  is  similar  to,  if  not
       indistinguishable from, that of the DOS  version  of  Doom.   musserver
       plays  the  music  for  Doom  via  the  /dev/sequencer  interface.   It
       automatically changes music whenever appropriate, and loops songs while
       the  user is in a level.  It also changes music volume according to the
       "MUSIC VOLUME" slider in Doom.

       You don’t need to start musserver manually,  llxdoom  will  start  it’s
       musserver automatically.


       -c     Do not check whether the parent process is alive

       -d directory
              Look in directory for DOOM wad file

       -f     Use FM synth device for music playback

       -h     Print help message and exit

       -l     List detected music devices and exit

       -m     Use general midi device for music playback

       -t number
              Timeout after number seconds when getting IPC message queue id

       -u number
              Use device of type number where number is the type  reported  by
              ’musserver -l’.  Requires -f or -m option.

       -V     Ignore volume change messages from Doom

       -v     Verbose


       llxdoom (1)


       musserver  was  written  by  Michael  Heasley  ( This
       manpage was written by Gordon Fraser <> for the Debian
       Project  using Michael’s readme file. It is licensed under the terms of
       the GNU General Public License.

                                August 28, 2002                   MUSSERVER(6)