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       Ur-Quan Masters


       uqm [options]


       The  Ur-Quan  Masters is a 2D inter-galatic adventure game.  You return
       to Earth with a vessel built from technology discovered from an ancient
       race called the Precursors only to find it enslaved. Gather allies from
       a wide variety of races, engage in space combat with various foes,  and
       save the galaxy from the Ur-Quan!


       Valid command line options:

       -r, --res resolution
              Sets  the  screen  resolution.  Unless --opengl is set, the only
              valid values are 640x480 and 320x240.

       -d, --bpp value
              Sets the color depth.  If you don’t set this,  the  game  should
              autodetect  an  appropriate value.  Valid values are 16, 24, and

       -f, --fullscreen
              Uses full screen mode.  Pretty straightforward.  Usually good to
              combine with -r 320x240.

       -o, --opengl
              Use  OpenGL drivers.  This produces higher-quality graphics, and
              may be faster as well -- but it  also  may  not  work  on  older

       -c, --scale=mode
              Graphics  scaling  mode (bilinear, biadapt or biadv). Default is
              none.   Try  these  to  get  smoother  graphics  with  cost   on

       -b, --meleescale=mode
              Melee scaling mode (nearest or trilinear). Default is trilinear.
              Slower machine owners can  set  it  to  nearest  to  get  better
              performance in melee but degraded visual quality.

       -s, --scanlines
              Simulates interlaced displays.

       -g, --gamma value
              Sets  gamma  correction.  1.0  causes  no  change  (unless  your
              graphics card is originally set to a  different  value).  Higher
              than  1.0  makes  the  image  brighter,  lower than 1.0 makes it

       -p, --fps
              Print fps information in the status window.

       -n, --contentdir directory
              Set the directory where the game will seek its data.

       -h, --help
              Display a help message.

       -M, --musicvol volume
              Set music volume (0-100).

       -S, --sfxvol volume
              Set sound effects volume (0-100).

       -T, --speechvol volume
              Set speech volume (0-100). If set to 0, game runs in ’no speech’
              mode and oscilloscope reacts to the music.

       -m 3d0, --3domusic
              Use  the  3DO  remixed  soundtrack  for  songs that were in fact
              remixed.  The default.

       -m pc, --pcmusic
              Use the .MOD based PC soundtrack everywhere.

       -q, --audioquality high | medium | low
              Specifies how nice the audio  sounds.   Slower  machines  should
              lower the audio quality.

       --addon addon
              Replace  addon  by  the name of an add-on to enable in the game.
              See the section  ’ADD-ONS’  in  /usr/share/doc/uqm/manual.txt.gz
              for details.

       --sound openal | mixsdl | none
              Specifies  which driver/mixer to use. "openal" is only available
              when it has been compiled in.   It  may  produce  higher-quality
              sound  and will probably be faster, but it is not very stable on
              linux platforms, and may not work well with  some  sound  cards.
              Use  "none"  as a last resort if you cannot get other drivers to
              work, or if you have no soundcard.

              Enables positional sound effects in melee. Currently works  only
              when using openal.

       -u, --nosubtitles
              Disables subtitles.

       --cscan pc | 3do
              Use   either   PC   (text)  or  3DO  (pictograms)  style  planet
              information when scanning.  The default is 3DO.

       --menu pc | 3do
              Use either PC style (text and ’CREW’/’BATT’) or 3DO (pictograms)
              in melee.  The default is 3DO.

       --font pc | 3do
              Use  either PC or 3DO style fonts and colors. The default is PC.

       --scroll pc | 3do
              Scroll voice-over/subtitles 1 page  at  a  time  (PC  style)  or
              smoothly  (3DO  style)  when  using  left/right  arrow keys. The
              default is PC.


   The story so far
       For the past decade, Earth and the rest of the Alliance of  Free  Stars
       has  fought  the Ur-Quan and their Hierarchy of Battle Thralls.  In the
       course of the War, the Earthlings discovered a  factory  world  by  the
       ´Precursors´  -  an  impossibly  advanced race that disappeared tens of
       thousands of years ago.  This colony, Unzervalt (aka Vela I), lost  all
       contact with Earth shortly after landfall.

       You  are  Captain  Zelnick,  a human that was born on Unzervalt and who
       possesses a remarkable knack for Precursor technology.   You  were  the
       one who worked out how to activate the Precursor installation.

       It  was  a  factory  for  building  starships.   However,  Unzervalt is
       mineral-poor,  and  there  were  not  enough  materials  available   to
       construct  a  complete vessel.  Your task is to command this craft, the
       Vindicator, and return to Earth to tell them of the  abandoned  colony.
       Also,  if  the War with the Ur-Quan continues, you must fight for Earth
       and the Alliance as best you can.

       There is a great deal more to this story.   Asking  Starbase  Commander
       Hayes for background information will give you most of it.

   Interplanetary exploration
       When  in  a  Solar system, use the thrust and steering controls to move
       about the system.  Intersecting a planet will move you to the planetary
       system;  flying  over  a  planet  or moon will then put you into orbit.
       From there you can talk to  the  inhabitants,  or,  if  the  planet  is
       uninhabited,  send a lander down to gather minerals, investigate energy
       readings, or capture life forms.

   Planet landing
       To land on a planet, you need to achieve  orbit,  then  fill  a  planet
       lander with crew and send them down.  You will usually want to scan the
       planet first.  Mineral scans will indicate easily  harvestable  mineral
       ores   and   other  resources.   Energy  scans  will  indicate  unusual
       installations, which will effectively always  be  worth  investigating.
       Biological scans will show where life forms are on the surface.

       Minerals  are  necessary for building up and maintaining your flagship,
       so harvest them wherever you can.  There are nine varieties, each color

       Common elements  -  (carbon,  nitrogen) are cyan. Worth 1 resource unit
       (RU) per unit.

       Corrosives - (chlorine, iodine) are red.  2 RU per unit.

       Base  metals  -  (iron,  tin)  are grey.  These are common, and usually
              harvesting, but not terribly valuable.  3 RU per unit.

       Noble gasses - (argon, xenon) are blue.  4 RU per unit.

       Rare earths - (lanthanum, ytterbium) are green.  5 RU per unit.

       Precious elements - (gold, silver) are yellow.  6 RU per unit.

       Radioactives - (uranium, astatine) are orange.  8 RU per unit.

       Exotics  -  (antimatter, magnetic monopoles) are purple, and a princely
              RU per cargo unit.

       Minerals  may  be  unloaded  at  Earth Starbase by talking to Commander
       Hayes, which will give you RU  that  you  may  spend  to  upgrade  your

       However,  there are many hazards on planetary surfaces.  Life forms are
       often hostile, and need to be subdued  with  your  stunner  or  evaded.
       Earthquakes (expanding circles) can hurt your crew, lightning may crisp
       them, or lava flows and hotspots can fry them.  Be careful,  especially
       on  hotter  or  more seismically and atmospherically active worlds.  If
       your crew level starts dropping dramatically,  flee  quickly  with  the
       ESCAPE key!

       Stunned life forms may be captured and analyzed by your planet landers.
       The information you gain from this may not be immediately  useful,  but
       it will eventually come in handy.

       Landing  on  a  planet costs fuel, and the heavier the planet, the more
       fuel it requires. Make sure you don’t  spend  so  much  fuel  exploring
       planets that you can’t get back to Sol!

   Interstallar travel
       When  you  leave  a solar system, you will push up into HyperSpace.  In
       HyperSpace you  can  travel  great  distances  quickly,  but  you  must
       continuously  thrust  to move.  Otherwise, you will gradually slow to a

       While you can fly about in HyperSpace  just  like  you  do  in  a  star
       system, the Galaxy is LARGE, and you will usually want to use the Auto-
       Pilot.  To use the Auto-Pilot, select "Starmap" on the menu.  This will
       show you a map of the quadrant (the galactic Core is in the upper right
       corner).  To fly to a location, move the cursor there and press  Enter.
       Then press Space to engage the Auto-Pilot.

       When you encounter an alien starship, you will usually get a picture of
       their task force and  a  chance  to  choose  between  conversation  and
       fighting.   If  you choose to fight, you will transition immediately to
       space combat (below).  Otherwise, you will talk  first.   If  talks  go
       poorly, space combat will likely ensue.

       If the task force shows ships streaming off in all directions, you have
       reached a fortified  world,  and  there  are  an  unlimited  number  of
       starships  facing you.  You cannot win such a fight - if combat ensues,
       you will need to warp out.

   Space combat
       When combat begins, you are prompted to select a ship  from  your  task
       force.   A  one-on-one  space  combat  then begins, and continues until
       either the enemy fleet is destroyed (in  which  case  you  salvage  the
       wrecks  and  continue the game), your flagship is destroyed (ending the
       game), or your flagship warps out of combat (consuming 5 fuel units but
       ending the encounter).

       Each  ship  has  two  major  stats:  Crew and Combat Battery.  Crew are
       effectively hit points.  Getting hit by weapons kills crew, and if  all
       crew  are eliminated, the craft is destroyed.  Firing weapons typically
       requires energy from the combat batteries, which is replaced over time.
       The  precise  speed  of  energy  regeneration  and cost of weapons fire
       varies by ship.

       Space flight is mostly inertial (you’ll drift if you  stop  thrusting),
       but  each  ship  has  a  maximum velocity that can only be exceeding by
       "gravity whipping" around the planet.  Don’t hit the planet unless  you
       want to take LOTS of damage.

       Each  ship  has  a  primary  and  secondary weapon mode, unique to that
       race’s craft.  The descriptions of those follow.

   Ship descriptions
       Androsynth Guardian
              Primary weapon: Fires homing acid bubble clouds.
              Secondary weapon: Transforms into the  ’Blazer’,  a  comet  that
              does considerable damage by ramming its opponents.

       Ariloulaleelay Skiff
              Primary weapon: Auto-aiming, short-range laser.
              Secondary weapon: Random teleport.
              Note: The Skiff is inertia-less, and stops instantly when thrust
              is removed.

       Chenjesu Broodhome
              Primary weapon: Crystal  Shard.   Will  travel  until  the  fire
              button is released, then shatters.
              Secondary weapon: De-energizing Offensive Guided Interceptor.
              Launches  an  autonomous  DOGI  that  rams the opponent to drain
              their combat batteries.

       Chmmr Avatar
              Primary weapon: Immensely powerful short-range laser.
              Secondary weapon: Tractor beam.
              Note: Has three orbiting "ZapSats"  that  attack  anything  that
              gets in range.

       Druuge Mauler
              Primary weapon: Long range, high-recoil cannon.
              Secondary weapon: Sets one crew on fire to gain combat energy.

       Earthling Cruiser
              Primary weapon: Homing nuclear missile.
              Secondary weapon: Point-defense laser.

       Ilwrath Avenger
              Primary weapon: Short-range flamethrower.
              Secondary weapon: Cloaking device.

       Kohr-Ah Marauder
              Primary weapon: Spinning blades that stop and home when the fire
              button is released.
              Secondary  weapon:  Fiery  Ring  of   Inevitable   and   Eternal
              Destruction  (F.R.I.E.D.),  a  short-range corona of energy that
              blocks shots and inflicts lots of damage.

       Melnorme Trader
              Primary weapon: Charged shot.  The longer  the  fire  button  is
              held, the stronger the shot.
              Secondary  weapon: Confusion beam that scrambles enemy controls.

       Mmrnmhrm X-Form
              Primary weapon:  Lasers (X-form) or homing missiles (Y-form).
              Secondary weapon:  Switch between X-Form and Y-Form.

       Mycon Podship
              Primary weapon:  Homing Plasmoid.
              Secondary weapon:  Regenerate 4 crew.

              Primary weapon:  Howitzer cannon.
              Secondary weapon: Secondary with left and right  arrows  rotates
              the  primary  cannon.   Secondary  with  Primary  launches space
              marines that invade the enemy ship and kill their crew.

       Pkunk Fury
              Primary weapon:  Three-way cannon.
              Secondary weapon: Fling insults at opponent.  This is  the  only
              way the Pkunk can regenerate combat energy.
              Note:  On  occasion,  a  destroyed Fury will be resurrected with
              full fuel and power.

       Shofixti Scout
              Primary weapon:  Energy Dart.
              Secondary weapon: Glory Device.  When pressed three  times,  the
              ship  will  self-destruct,  inflicting  vast  damage  on  nearby

       Slylandro Probe
              Primary weapon:  Lighting weapon.
              Secondary weapon: Absorb a nearby asteroid and convert to combat
              power.  This is the only way the Probe can recharge.
              Note:  The Probe is inertia-less and always in motion.  Pressing
              thrust will reverse its direction.

       Spathi Eluder
              Primary weapon:  Simple forward cannon.
              Secondary weapon: Backward Utilized Tracking Torpedo (B.U.T.T.),
              a homing missile fired from the rear of the vessel.

       Supox Blade
              Primary weapon: Forward firing glob weapon.
              Secondary  weapon:  Secondary  + left or right will cause you to
              drift laterally, while Secondary +  thrust  will  make  you  fly
              backwards.  This cancels your current velocity, so be careful!

       Syreen Penetrator
              Primary weapon: Particle Beam Stiletto.
              Secondary  weapon:  "Syreen  Call" - psychic attack that induces
              enemy crew to jump  ship,  where  you  (or  your  opponent)  may
              capture them to add to your complement.

       Thraddash Torch
              Primary weapon:  Straightforward blaster cannon.
              Secondary  weapon:  Afterburner.   The  afterburner exhaust does
              more damage then the blaster, so use it as a weapon!

       Umgah Drone
              Primary weapon:  Anti-Matter  cone.   Does  not  require  combat
              batteries to use.
              Secondary weapon:  Fly backwards suddenly and at high speed.
              Note:  The Drone only recharges batteries if you do not fire for
              a long time, and then the energy all returns in one lump.

       Ur-Quan Dreadnought
              Primary weapon:  Fusion Blast.
              Secondary weapon: Launches autonomous fighters  to  harrass  the
              enemy.   When  they  run  low on fuel, they will fly back to the
              Dreadnought.  Catch  them  before  they  expire.   Each  fighter
              requires  one  crew  to pilot it, so take care not to weaken the
              core ship.

       Utwig Jugger
              Primary weapon: Six-shot cannon.   Requires  no  combat  battery
              energy to fire.
              Secondary  weapon:  Force  shield.   Absorbing hits re-energizes
              your batteries.  When the batteries are exhausted, the shield is
              permanently disabled until combat ends.

       VUX Intruder
              Primary weapon: Gigawatt laser.
              Secondary  weapon:  Limpet mines that track enemy ships and slow
              them down dramatically if they hit.

       Yehat Terminator
              Primary weapon: Twin autocannons.
              Secondary weapon: Force shield.

       Zoq-Fot-Pik Stinger
              Primary weapon: Anti-matter spray gun.
              Secondary weapon: "Tongue attack", a  point-blank  range  attack
              that does grievous damage.

   General game controls summary
       F1                       Pause game
       F10                      Exit game
       F12                      Emergency exit

   Full game controls summary
       Space flight
       UP or ENTER:             Thrust
       LEFT and RIGHT:          Steer
       SPACE:                   Main menu

       Arrow Keys:              Scroll through selections
       ENTER:                   Make selection
       SPACE:                   Up one level

       LEFT and RIGHT:          Rewind/Forward
       UP and DOWN:             Scroll through selections
       ENTER:                   Make selection
       SPACE:                   Skip, Show/Hide summary

       Star Map
       Arrow Keys:              Move the crosshair
       ENTER:                   Select destination
       SPACE:                   Main menu
       Keypad +:                Zoom in
       Keypad -:                Zoom out

       Space Combat
       UP or ENTER:             Thrust
       LEFT and RIGHT:          Steer
       RIGHT SHIFT:             Fire Primary Weapon
       RIGHT CTRL:              Fire Secondary Weapon
       ESCAPE:                  Emergency Warp Escape

       Planet Exploration
       UP or ENTER:             Forward
       LEFT and RIGHT:          Steer
       RIGHT SHIFT:             Fire stun bolt
       ESCAPE:                  Blast off

   Melee controls summary
       Top Player
       E:                       Thrust
       S and F:                 Steer
       Q:                       Fire Primary Weapon
       A:                       Fire Secondary Weapon

       Bottom Player
       UP or ENTER:             Thrust
       LEFT and RIGHT:          Steer
       RIGHT SHIFT:             Fire Primary Weapon
       RIGHT CTRL:              Fire Secondary Weapon

       These controls are configurable by editing the keys.cfg file which will
       be automatically generated in your personal directory for uqm data  the
       first  time  you start the game. On Unix systems this personal uqm data
       is stored in ~/.uqm.

       Later versions of The Ur-Quan Masters will include a key  configuration
       tool.  In the meantime, the keys.cfg has a bunch of comments in it that
       should help you set up your joystick and remap  key  controls  to  your


       The Ur-Quan Masters was derived from code written by Toys for Bob, Inc.
       for the 3DO version of ’Star Control II’,  with  their  permission  and
       encouragement.   See  /usr/share/doc/uqm/AUTHORS.gz for a complete list
       of authors.

                                  2004-03-07                UR-QUAN MASTERS(6)