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       xbubble - an X Window based puzzle bubble clone


       xbubble [OPTION]


       XBubble  is a Puzzle Bubble (PB) / Bust-A-Move (BAM) clone for Unix/X11
       platforms. It was written from scratch with no real intent  to  exactly
       reproduce the original game.


       -d DISPLAY
              Set X display to DISPLAY.

       -s <scale>
              Set  game  window  size  ( 5 <= scale <= 100 ).  The game window
              size is normally automatically scaled to your screen size.  This
              option is useful to reduce load on slow/loaded systems. See also
              the -f option.

       -f <framerate>
              Adjust frame rate (in frames per second). Usual values  are  100
              (default),  50,  33,  25,  etc.  The  actual  frame  rate may be
              different from the one you specified, depending on system  timer
              resolution.   You   can  use  this  option  to  reduce  load  on
              slow/loaded systems (e.g. if sprite  animation  is  jerky).  See
              also the -s option.

       -r <resourcepath>
              Tell  XBubble  to  look  for  its graphics files, fonts, etc. in
              directory <resourcepath>.

       -t <themename>
              Use the given theme (possible values are: plain, frozen, fancy).


       The  goal  is  to  clear  all bubbles from your board and avoid bubbles
       dropping below the line at the bottom of the screen. You can rotate and
       fire  a canon that launches colored bubbles. Bubbles bounce against the
       walls until they get stuck to another bubble. If you get three or  more
       adjacent  bubbles  of the same color they all explode, while any bubble
       left hanging free falls down.

       In single player mode, the ceiling goes down every 12 launches so  that
       you must clear the board before the ceiling touches the ground.

       In  multi-player  mode,  the  ceiling  does not move but a fresh row of
       bubbles is added on top of the board while all bubbles are  lowered  by
       one row. Additionally, each time you explode three or more bubbles, all
       extra bubbles are sent ( with random colors ) to your opponent, as well
       all  falling bubbles.  You win the round when your opponent loses ( has
       bubbles dropping across the bottom line ).

       After a few seconds delay, your canon launches its bubble  anyway.  You
       can  tune  this  delay  when  selecting  your handicap.  The higher the
       handicap, the shorter the delay.  When you receive  bubbles  from  your
       opponent,  you  canon is blocked from firing until all received bubbles
       get stuck.


       The game is entirely controlled using the keyboard:

       Player 1

              Left arrow / Keypad 4   =  Rotate canon left

              Right arrow / Keypad 6  =  Rotate canon right

              Up arrow / Keypad 5     =  Launch bubble

       Player 2

              x  =  Rotate canon left

              v  =  Rotate canon right

              c  =  Launch bubble


              Up arrow / Keypad 8    =  Menu navigate up

              Down arrow / Keypad 2  =  Menu navigate down

              p                      =  Pause

              Escape / q             =  Abort

              There is no command-line option for changing control keys yet.


       You can choose between 5 levels of difficulty.  Beware of  the  highest
       level if you have a slow machine, as it is quite CPU consuming.


       Please report any bugs you find to Ivan <>.


       xbubble is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL).




       Ivan       Djelic      <>      Martin      Quinson