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       CREATE GROUP - define a new user group


       CREATE GROUP name [ [ WITH ] option [ ... ] ]

       where option can be:

            SYSID gid
          | USER  username [, ...]


       CREATE  GROUP will create a new group of users.  You must be a database
       superuser to use this command.

       Note that both users and groups are defined  at  the  database  cluster
       level, and so are valid in all databases in the cluster.

       Use  ALTER  GROUP  [alter_group(7)] to change a group’s membership, and
       DROP GROUP [drop_group(7)] to remove a group.


       name   The name of the group.

       gid    The SYSID clause can be used to choose the PostgreSQL  group  ID
              of  the  new  group.  This is normally not necessary, but may be
              useful if you  need  to  recreate  a  group  referenced  in  the
              permissions of some object.

              If this is not specified, the highest assigned group ID plus one
              (with a minimum of 100) will be used as default.

              A list of users to include in the group. The users must  already


       Create an empty group:

       CREATE GROUP staff;

       Create a group with members:

       CREATE GROUP marketing WITH USER jonathan, david;


       There  is  no  CREATE  GROUP  statement  in the SQL standard. Roles are
       similar in concept to groups.


       ALTER GROUP [alter_group(7)], DROP GROUP [drop_group(l)]