Provided by: libggi-target-x_2.0.5-1.1ubuntu2_i386 bug


       display-dga : Display using XFree86-DGA extension


       display-dga: [-noinput] [-nocursor] [-physz==>sizex>,<sizey>[dpi]]


       Uses  the  XFree86  DGA  extension  to do fullscreen direct framebuffer
       access on X servers which support this.   For  systems  without  kernel
       framebuffer support, the program must be run as root for this target to
       be able to mmap /dev/mem.


              XF86DGA events sent to the window are not  captured  and  merged
              with  any  other  LibGII input sources.  This allows one to take
              input from raw devices without receiving duplicate events should
              X also be configured to use the device.

              Normal  behavior  of  display-x  and display-xlib is to create a
              small dot mouse cursor pixmap which is visible when the mouse is
              positioned  over the window containing the visual.  This can get
              in the way of mouse  cursors  implemented  by  the  application.
              With  this option, you will not see an X mouse cursor when it is
              over the visual.

              This option will override the physical screen size  reported  by
              the  X  server,  which affects applications which wish to remain
              resolution independent.  sizex, sizey are the x,y  size  of  the
              screen  in  millimeters,  unless  the  optional  dpi  string  is
              affixed, in which case, they represent resolution  in  dots-per-
              inch.   Yes,  there  are  two equals signs there, for reasons of
              compatibility with other targets.

              The X display to connect to, otherwise defaults to  the  display
              specified in DISPLAY.


              specifies a framebuffer device to mmap instead of /dev/mem. This
              allows you to use the DGA target without root privileges!


       ·   DirectBuffer always available.

       ·   Some operations may be accelerated depending on the X server

       ·   Multiple frames

       ·   Panning