Provided by: libggi2_2.0.5-1.1ubuntu2_i386 bug


       display-sub : Make a child visual that is a window to the parent


       Creates a "child" visual within a "parent". This can be thought of as a
       window and the display-sub target  is  intended  for  simple  windowing

       No   textual   arguments,  since  this  target  can  only  be  used  by
       applications. argptr must contain the parent visual.

       The sub target behaves a bit special with respect to (i.e.  abuses  the
       semantics  of :) the ggiSetMode(3) call. It uses the "visible" size for
       the top left corner position of the window within the visual,  and  the
       "virtual" size for window width and height.  Note, that moving/resizing
       the window does not cause any drawing  action.   You  have  to  perform
       those  yourself.  All  it  does  for  you is providing a virtual visual
       within an existing one, which is convenient to allow for window  system
       canvases to be about any GGI program.


       ·   DirectBuffer not supported.

       ·   Accelerated  to  the  point of the parent. Calls are mapped through
           with modified clipping and coordinates.