Provided by: steptalk_0.8.2-5ubuntu1_i386 bug


       stupdate_languages - update StepTalk script languages




       StepTalk  is trying to determine script language by the file extension.
       Each language has a list of file  extensions  which  StepTalk  uses  to
       determine if a file contains a script that it can process.

       To  prevend  expensive  searching  for  file  extensions  in languages,
       StepTalk uses a dictionary with file-language mapping. That  dictionary
       is  stored in ~/Library/StepTalk/Configuration and is created the first
       time you use some StepTalk tool. If you install a  new  language,  that
       file has to be updated.

              Options: None.


       Written  by  Brent  Fulgham based on the information in the sources and
       documentation, which were created by Stefan Urbanek.


       Copyright © 2003 Stefan Urbanek
       This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is
       NO  warranty;  not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR