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       XPA Changes - Changes For Users from XPA 1.0 and 2.0


       This document describes changes that will affect users who migrate from
       XPA 1.0 to XPA 2.0.


       There have been a few changes that affect users who upgrade XPA from
       version 1.0 to version 2.0.  These changes are detailed below.

       ·   XPA commands no longer have a resolver routine (this is open to
           negotiations, but we decided the idea was dumb).  For the SAOtng
           program, this means that you have explicitly specify the fits
           access point, i.e.,:

             cat foo.fits │ xpaset SAOtng fits

           instead of:

             cat foo.fits │ xpaset SAOtng

       ·   By default, xpaset, xpaget, etc. now wait for the server callback
           to complete; i.e., the old -W is implied (and the switch is
           ignored).  This allows support for better error handling.  If you
           want xpaset, etc.  to return before the callback is complete, use
           -n switch:

             echo "file foo.fits" │ xpaset -n SAOtng

       ·   The old -w switch in xpaset and xpaget is no longer necessary (and
           is ignored), since you can have more than one process communicating
           with an xpa access point at one time.

       ·   The new -p switch on xpaset means you need not read from stdout:

             xpaset -p SAOtng colormap I8

           will send the paramlist to the SAOtng callback without reading from


       See xpa(n) for a list of XPA help pages