Provided by: 915resolution_0.5-1ubuntu6_i386 bug


       915resolution - resolution modify tool for Intel graphic chipset


       915resolution [-f file] [-c chipset] [-l] [mode X Y] [bits/pixel]


       This manual page documents briefly the 915resolution program.

        915resolution is a tool to modify the video BIOS of the 800
        and 900 series Intel graphics chipsets. This includes the 845G,
        855G, and 865G chipsets, as well as 915G, 915GM, and 945G chipsets.
        This modification is necessary to allow the display of certain
        graphics resolutions for an Xorg or XFree86 graphics server.


       For  more information, see /usr/share/doc/915resolution/README.Debian .

       -f     Use an alternate file (THIS IS USED FOR DEBUG PURPOSES).

       -c     Force chipset type (THIS IS USED FOR DEBUG PURPOSES).

       -l     Display the modes found in the video BIOS.


       915resolution was written by Steve Tomljenovic

       This    manual    page    was     written     by     Steffen     Joeris
       <>, for the Debian project (but may be used
       by others).