Provided by: apache-common_1.3.34-2_i386 bug


       apache-modconf - reconfigure the Apache webserver modules list


       apache-modconf apache | apache-ssl | apache-perl [options]


       This  command  is  meant to be a simple interface between sysadmins and
       apache (in all it’s flavours) to administer which  modules  has  to  be
       loaded  or  not.  It automatically creates a new config file located in
       /etc/apache{-perl,-ssl}/modules.conf and  it  will  cleanup  httpd.conf
       from  all  the  LoadModules  entries  that are Debian standards without
       modifying any custom one. In order for apache-modconf  to  recognize  a
       module,  this  needs  to  have  a  correctly  formatted  .info  file in

       Note:  apache-modconf  obsoletes  apacheconfig,  apache-sslconfig   and


       A summary of options are included below.

       enable <module_name>
              this  will automatically enable the module in the selection list
              and ask if the specified flavour of apache should be  restarted.
              module_name  has  to  match  the  same as specified in the .info

       Example: apache-modconf apache enable mod_php4

       disable <module_name> [quiet]
              this will automatically disable the module in the selection list
              and  ask if the specified flavour of apache should be restarted.
              The quite option will not prompt for any selection but  it  will
              just do the work (useful only when called by other scripts).

       Example: apache-modconf apache-ssl disable mod_perl quiet

       query <module_name>
              will  return  a non-empty string if the module is enabled in the

       Example: apache-modconf apache-perl query mod_ssl

       Note: use of the quiet options should be done very  carefully  since  a
       sysadmin  should  always be able to verify what has been changed in the


       In order for apache-modconf to be  able  to  recognize  a  module,  the
       latter   should   be   provided   with   an  .info  file  installed  in
       /usr/lib/apache/1.3. The minimum requirement for a  .info  file  to  be
       valid   is   its   first  line,  that  should  contain  the  LoadModule
       information. Ex:

       LoadModule: urlcount_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/

       at this point in time no other entries are processed.


       This program  and  manual  page  was  written  by  Fabio  M.  Di  Nitto
       <>,  for  the  Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be
       used by others).