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       apphbd - Application Heartbeat Monitor for High-Availability Linux


       apphbd [ -srkdh ] [ -c configure file ]


       apphbd  is a basic application heartbeat monitor daemon for Linux-HA. A
       group of Application Heartbeat APIs  are  defined  for  this  heartbeat
       monitoring  service. Applications may register with the daemon in order
       to be monitored. If an application fails to send a heartbeat within the
       specified interval, the daemon will log an event.

       apphbd may use watchdog timer to monitor itself.

       apphbd  extends  its functionality by using plugins. Currently a plugin
       recmgr is implemented to notify Recovery Manager daemon if some  events
       (specified  in  apphb_notify.h)  happen  (e.g.  an application fails to

       The Recovery Manager daemon  recoverymgrd  receives  notification  from
       recmgr plugin, then it tries to execute recovery scripts as configured.
       See recoverymgrd default configure file recoverymgrd.conf for detail.

       recoverymgrd registers itself with  apphbd  as  a  client  application.
       apphbd  should  be  started  first  with  plugin  recmgr  loaded.  Then
       configure and start recoverymgrd.

       For details relating to the Application Heartbeat API, see apphb.h


       -s     Show the status of apphbd, running or stopped.

       -k     Stop (kill) the daemon

       -r     Restart the daemon.  apphbd  will  reload  configure  file  when

       -d     Set debug level

       -h     Show help message

       -c configure file
              Configure   file   for   apphbd.   Default   configure  file  is
              ./   User  can  configure  debug  setting,  log  file,
              watchdog  setting,  plugins  and real time setting. For details,
              see sample configure file


       /var/run/ Default PID file. Default configure file for apphbd. apphbd searches  the  file
       in  its  working  directory.   This  sample configure file is installed
       together with other Heartbeat documents.

       apphb.h Header for Application Heartbeat API.

       recoverymgrd.conf Default configure file for recoverymgrd. recoverymgrd
       searches  the  file  in its working directory. Other configure file can
       also be specified in the command line.  This sample configure  file  is
       installed together with other Heartbeat documents.

       /usr/lib/heartbeat/plugins/AppHBNotification Directory contains plugins
       for apphbd.




       More information may be found at


       apphbd - Alan Robertson <> et al.
       recoverymgrd - Andrea Brugger <> et al.
       man page - Andrea Brugger <>
                - Adam Li <>

                                 12th May 2004                       APPHBD(8)