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       astgenkey -- generates keys for for Asterisk IAX2 RSA authentication


       astgenkey [ -q ] [ -n ] [ keyname ]


       genzaptelconf  This script generates an RSA private and public key pair
       in PEM format for use by Asterisk.  The private key should  be  kept  a
       secret,  as  it  can  be  used to fake your system’s identity.  Thus by
       default (without the option -n ) the script will create  a  passphrase-
       encrypted  copy of your secret key: without entering the passphrase you
       won’t be able to use it.

       However if you want to use such a key with  Asterisk,  you’ll  have  to
       start  it  interactively, because the scripts that start asterisk can’t
       use that encrypted key.

       The key is identified by a name. If you don’t write  the  name  on  the
       command-line you’ll be prompted for one. The outputs of the script are:
              The public key: not secret. Send this to the other side.

              The private key: secret.

       Those files should be copied to /var/lib/asterisk/keys

       (The private key: on your system. The public key: on other systems)

       To see the currently-installed keys from  the  asterisk  CLI,  use  the

              show keys


              Run quietly.

              Don’t encrypt the private key.




       asterisk(8), genrsa(1), rsa(1),


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