Provided by: atari-fdisk-cross_0.7.1-5.1ubuntu1_i386 bug


       atari-fdisk - Atari partition editor


       atari-fdisk  [ -f ] [ -l ] [ -r ] [ -s ] [ -v ] [ -x ] [ -O file ] [ -I
       file ] device


       atari-fdisk is  an  editor  for  Atari  partition  tables.  It  has  an
       interactive  menu  for most actions. It operates on the disk associated
       with device.


       -f     Force operation on  disks  from  which  partitions  seem  to  be
              mounted.  (This is generally no good idea!)

       -l     List  partition  tables  of  all  disks.  If this flag is given,
              interactive mode isn’t entered.

       -r     Open the disk  device  in  read-only  mode.  You  can  view  the
              partition  table then, but cannot write back a modified table to

       -s     Only print the size (in blocks) of the  partition  device.  Note
              that   device   should   be  a  single  partition  device  (e.g.
              /dev/sda1), not a whole-disk device (e.g. /dev/sda), for this.

       -v     Show version of the program.

       -x     Enter expert mode immediately. Expert mode can also be  switched
              on by a menu item.

       -O file
              Save  the  partition  tables of device to a file file. This file
              can later be used to restore all the partition information  with
              the -I option.

       -I file
              Read a partition table from file (that has been created with -O)
              and write it back to disk.


       Roman Hodek <>