Provided by: bayonne_1.2.15-2build1_i386 bug


       bayonne - launch bayonne telephony server.


       bayonne    [--foreground, -F]   [--daemon, -D]   [--driver, -d dsoname]
       [--priority, -p pri] [--node, -n name] [--test, -t] [--trace, -T]


       The bayonne is launched directly and then dynamically loads all modular
       plugins  that have been requested in the bayonne.conf file.  The server
       will then initialize the chosen telephony plugin  device  and  wait  to
       answer  telephone calls.  Service requests can be made thru the bayonne
       fifo interface or via any loaded dso based  protocol  module.   Various
       options may be given at startup to change bayonne behavior.


       -F, --foreground
              Execute  bayonne  server  in  foreground.   All logging messages
              appear on stderr.

       -D, --background
              Detach and execute server as daemon.  The server will run in the
              background as a deamon process and will log all activity through

       -d, --driver name
              Override  the  bayonne.conf  file  and  select  a  specific  dso
              telephony driver to load and execute.

       -p, --priority level
              Specify the process priority level for the server.  This has the
              same effect as using nice.

       -n, --node name
              Specify a node name for the management system.  The  defualt  is
              to use your hostname.

       -t, --test
              Specify  debugging  level to use when logging errors and events.
              This may only be used from the  "build"  directory  prior  to  a
              "make install".

       -T, --trace
              Load   the   dso  "trace.dbg"  module  and  run  the  server  in
              foreground.  This is useful when  testing  the  server  in  it’s
              runtime configuration.

       -G, --gui
              Enable  gui  support  and  gui  debugging on the local X server.
              This provides a graphical  user  interface  for  monitoring  the

       -X, --display
              Enable  gui  support on a selected X display server.  The server
              may need to have  the  Bayonne  host  enabled  in  xhost.   This
              provides remote graphical debugging of a Bayonne server.


       David Sugar (