Provided by: sysvinit_2.86.ds1-6ubuntu32_i386 bug


       bootlogd - record boot messages


       /sbin/bootlogd [-d] [-r] [-v] [ -l logfile ] [ -p pidfile ]


       Bootlogd  runs  in  the  background  and copies all strings sent to the
       /dev/console device to a logfile. If the logfile is not accessible, the
       messages will be buffered in-memory until it is.


       -d     Do not fork and run in the background.

       -r     If  there  is  an  existing  logfile called logfile rename it to
              logfile~ unless logfile~ already exists.

       -v     Show version.

       -l logfile
              Log to this logfile. The default is /var/log/boot.

       -p pidfile
              Put process-id in this file. The default is no pidfile.


       Bootlogd works by redirecting  the  console  output  from  the  console
       device. It copies that output to the real console device and a logfile.
       There is no standard way to find out the real  console  device  if  you
       have  a  new-style  /dev/console  device  (major 5, minor 1).  Bootlogd
       tries to parse the kernel command line, looking for console= lines  and
       deducts  the  real  console  device  from  that. If that syntax is ever
       changed by the kernel, or a console-type is used bootlogd does not know
       about, bootlogd will not work.


       Miquel van Smoorenburg,



                                 Jul 21, 2003                      BOOTLOGD(8)