Provided by: cdd-common_0.3.11_all bug


       cdd-update-menus  -  add  menu  of  meta  package  to all Custom Debian
       Distribution users


       cdd-update-menus [ --cdd|-d  < CDD >  | --user|-u < user > ]


       cdd-update-menus behaves differently depending on who run the command:

       If it’s called by a user, it adds and keeps updated  menu  entries  for
       the user who runs it.

       If  it’s  called by root, it adds and keeps updated user’s menu entries
       (see menu package for users’ menus) for all users  who  belong  to  the
       group  of  the  specified  Custom  Debian  Distribution,  or only for a
       specified user, depending on which parameter is passed to the script.


       CDD    - one of the installed CDDs, listed in  /etc/cdd/,  for  example
              (if installed): med , junior , desktop , edu or demudi

       user   - a user present on the system and belonging to a CDD


       Andreas Tille <>, Cosimo Alfarano <>

                                  2004/03/24               cdd-update-menus(8)