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       cheops-agent - network monitor agent


       cheops-agent [-a|-n|-l] [-ps]


       Cheops-agent  is  the  agent used by cheops-ng (the GUI) to conduct the
       network discovery operations.

       In order to run cheops-ng you need to first start up cheops-agent first
       and,  when requested the IP address of the cheops server, introduce the
       IP address provided by the agent when it started up.  If  you  run  the
       agent  and the GUI in the same system you can just use as the
       IP address of the agent.

       Cheops-agent needs to be run as root in order for it to call  nmap  and
       make use of raw sockets capabilities.

       WARNING:  This program has not been audited for security so running the
       agent in an untrusted network is not recommended. If you are running in
       an untrusted network use the -l option so that it can only be connected
       to by a GUI running on the same system.


       Cheops-agent uses some command line options.

       -a     Listen using all methods.

       -n     Listen using network method (IPv4, default).

       -l     Only listen in  the  local  (loopback)  interfaces.  Recommended
              method  if  you  are  running  the agent and the GUI on the same

       -p     Use passwords to authenticate clients.

       -s     Use SSL when transfering information. Recommended  if  you  also
              use -p


       Cheops-ng  is  beta  software,  and  consequently  still  has  bugs and
       incomplete features.

       If you have a bug report please prepare a message  with  the  following


              version of cheops-ng

              detailed  description  of  your  problem  (something descriptive
              enough to recreate the problem). This includes the  contents  of
              your config.log or output of make when you are trying to compile

              Check      the      forum       at       (
      )  to see
              if anyone else has had the same problem solved, if not then just
              post  your  question  so  that others can get the benefit of the

              If you still  have  problems  you  can  email  Brent  Priddy  at
              toopriddy at mailcity dot com

       You  can also send bug reports to the Debian maintainer of this package
       using  the  Debian  Bug   Tracking   System   (
       Suggestions and ideas for improving the software are welcome.


       cheops-ng(1), nmap(1)

       Additional    information    at    the    main   site:   http://cheops-  (home  page)  and  in  the  default  location   for
       installed documentation in Debian: /usr/shared/doc/cheops-ng/


       This   manual   page   was   written   by   Javier   Fernandez-Sanguino
       <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by
       others).  because the original program did not have a manual page.

       Cheops-ng  has  been rewritten by Brent Priddy <>
       based on Cheops which was originally written by Mark Spencer,  and  was
       sponsored greatly by Adtran, Inc.